Alumni Spotlights

Meet the Sabourins

(Tim, Class of ’88, & Michelle, Class of ‘87)

We are thrilled to feature two high school sweethearts who are raising their family back in the mothership where it all began.

Tim and Michelle Sabourin have been married for 23 years and have two children currently attending La Cañada schools – Justin, a junior at LCHS, and Carly, an 8th grader at the 7/8 Middle School.

When asked how they met, Michelle describes it this way: “I first spoke with Tim in high school when asking him to invite a friend of mine to a dance. We later met at a party and consequently went skiing at Waterman the next day.” They attended two proms together – hers in 1987 and his in 1988.

While in high school, Tim was a member of the JV and varsity football and basketball teams, as well as the cross country and track teams. Michelle was a member of the Drill Team, National Honor Society, CSF and on ASB, serving as the Prom Commissioner and Assemblies Commissioner.

Upon graduation, Tim attended USC, studying Kinesiology, and Michelle attended UCSB – majoring in business and economics. Tim currently works as a distributor of orthopedic implants. He is present during surgery to assist doctors with knee, hip and shoulder replacements. Michelle has had a successful career in business, working first in medical sales and most recently worked as a sales manager for Dial Industries – overseeing 30 sales reps involving clients such as Target and the Container Store.

Community Involvement

Michelle has been a dynamo in terms of community involvement, serving on the board of both the 7/8 Middle School and High School PTA’s as VP of Hospitality (7/8) and VP of Ways and Means (high school). She has served as a director for the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation Board, the Parcel Tax Committee and is currently serving on the Challenge Success Site Team committee and the Master Plan committee for the school district. Beyond the schools, Michelle is highly involved with the Flintridge Guild of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, overseeing their two largest fundraisers including a new event she launched called “The Great Chocolate Race.”

When asked how their education at LCUSD prepared them for the real world, Michelle responded, “I feel that the ASB jobs taught me great leadership. The classes gave me the skills to advocate for myself when I did not feel that my grade was fair and the drill team taught me discipline and grit.”

Some of their most memorable moments growing up in La Canada involved the social scene: Says Michelle, “Walking into the prom that I had spent 9 months planning, to see all the hard work pay off and the people enjoying themselves was very rewarding. Going to football games was always a fun way to spend a Friday night.” Tim remembers getting a big group of couples together before Homecoming, Holiday and Backwards dances and going to a restaurant for dinner beforehand.

Raising a Family in La Cañada

When asked what it is like raising a family where she grew up, Michelle responded: “When I was a teenager, I thought there was nothing to do in this sleepy town and couldn’t wait to get out, but now we love every aspect of the community and feel that the majority of parents here have the same good values that they want to instill on their children as we do. We also feel that there are always many other sets of eyes watching out for our kids if something goes wrong, which is very nice.”

Michelle noted that unlike her as a teenager, her children think that La Cañada is a wonderful place to grow up.

Michelle and Tim offer this advice to LCHS class of 2017: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” – one of Michelle’s favorite quotes.

We want to thank the Sabourins for their commitment to our community and for their contribution to our outstanding schools.

Nora Sagal, Class of 2014

 We thought it might be nice to check in with LCHS class of 2014 alumnus Nora Sagal, who is attending Harvard University.  Ms. Sagal is currently an undeclared major and is considering majoring in English or History and Literature with a minor in music.

How was your first year on the east coast?

I found it absolutely incredible. As much as I love California, I fell in love with having real seasons. Watching the leaves change color for fall and then having to learn to deal with blizzards and snow days was magical to say the least. I’ve also found that Boston and Cambridge are home to some of the most diverse and interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. There are so many people here from a unique cultural background that differs from mine, which made for an eye-opening freshman year.

Have you come across any other La Cañada High School alumni while in Boston?

My good friends Cami Del Guercio and Alissa Winter both attend Boston University, so every so often we run into each other. I also had several friends who were seniors at LCHS at the time come stay with me and tour the campus last year.

Please tell you about your Harvard vocal group the Opportunes?

I know it’s cheesy and literally every A Cappella group on every college campus says the same thing, but the Opportunes are more than a singing group, they’re like a family to me. As a naive freshman I had no idea what I was in for, but now I have fifteen guys and girls that I share meals, advice, and sleepless nights of rehearsals with. I would compare it to a sorority or fraternity, except we all love to sing and we don’t have a house. We have two main performances a year, but we do 10-12 gigs every semester at various events. These include anything from birthday parties to elementary school showcases, and we also do a joint performance with an a cappella group from Yale every year during the Harvard-Yale football game weekend. Our album “Elements” is debuting in mid-October, and it will be available on iTunes and Spotify. Also, quick shout-out to the many residents of La Cañada who contributed to the Opportunes’ Kickstarter Campaign! Thanks to them we could afford to have our album professionally mixed and produced.

What did you do this past summer?  Internships?

 This past summer I worked as a production assistant for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. It was an amazing experience seeing some of the inner workings of how a late-night talk show is put together. My job was basically all the normal intern stuff like picking up lunches and delivering mail, but with the added benefit of sometimes catching a glimpse of Charlize Theron or Jack Black as they left the studio. 

What do you miss most about La Cañada?

I miss being at home and seeing my parents, especially my little baby brother Finn who’s a sophomore at LCHS this year (I’m supposed to embarrass you Finn, it’s my job!) I also miss being in the Chamber singers, because while singing pop music with the Opportunes is fun, I’ll always miss the gorgeous choral music that Dr. Brookey let us sing.
Thank you so much Nora for taking the time to connect with your LCHS Alumni Association.   Good luck with school and congratulations on the recently released “Opportunes” album called “Elements.”